Parent-child play classes & courses

BOM City understands the importance of parents’ role in nurturing their children. Therefore, we provide different types of parent-child programs so as to enhance parent-child communication and support parents to play and learn with their children.


Workshops for parents

We provide parents workshops conducted by our educational psychologist and our professional team. 

Assessment services

We provide assessment services for IQ, dyslexia, twice-exceptionality and gifted grade skippers


Follow-up services and intervention

We provide training and interventional groups to children with different special educational needs on needs basis. Please contact us for enquiry.      



Staff Development Day

BOM City provides an interesting team building platform for teachers to develop communication, collaborative and problem-solving skills. The content of our training will incorporate psychological theories so that teachers can enhance self-awareness in a fun way


We also offer different types of teacher training workshops conducted by our educational psychologist and our professional team





Free-play Time-slot

BOM City provides a socio-dramatic play platform with different pavilions for students to explore in an interesting and authentic environment through role-play different careers


Guided Tours              

We provide guided tours in different formats for schools, NGOs and organizations. Students can play and learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes of different careers in a relaxing and interesting way. Tailor-made extended learning sessions according to the teaching units/school curriculum can be made upon request


Enrichment and Short-term courses

We provide courses with 4 – 8 sessions to let students of different strengths and abilities to systematically develop 21st century competence in a small group size. We also have enrichment courses like leadership training and philosophy for the students


Project learning and Life-wide learning

We provide thematic learning day for schools. Students can make use of our pavilions to do practice and application after they have conducted data collection and research


Other Learning Experience and Service Learning Day

We provide training to students volunteers and play ambassadors. Through service learning, the students can understand the professionalism of different careers, the significance of serving others and develop a sense of global citizenship