About BOM City


BOM City is the first and largest indoor socio-dramatic play facility in Hong Kong. Our play activities are designed by our educational psychologist and the professional team in consultation with the non-profit making organization Playright Children’s Play Association. We provide an inspirational and authentic platform for children to play, to learn and to serve.By incorporating different careers, our pavilions contain different kinds of interesting thematic play scripts for children to explore freely. Through role-play, children learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes of related professions and their self-awareness and social awareness are enhanced and enriched.We also offer different types of services for parents and children so that different parents can grow together with BOM City.

Aspiration from "BOM"


Why we named ourselves “BOM City”?“BOM” is developed from “Bombax ceiba”, is commonly known as cotton tree. This tropical tree is also known as hero tree after it is fully grown. The fruit, which appears in May, is a flower blossom which produces capsules which, when ripe, contain white fibres like cotton that disperse along the wind.

We believe that the children represent the seeds and the parents are the cotton which protects them. As well as protecting the seeds for a safe landing, the cotton (parents) should lead the seeds (children) to learn positively and grow up independently even in tough and difficult times.

Advisory Board and Consultants


  • Dr CHAN Chi Kwan

         Former Assistant Professor, Department of Education Policy and Leadership, HKIEd


  • Dr HUI, Eadaoin Kam Ping

         Chartered Educational Psychologist, and Associate Professor, Head of Division of Learning Development and Diversity,
         Faculty of Education, HKU


  • Ms Stella CHEUNG

        Child Physiotherapist


  • Ms Jessie CHOW

         Educational Psychologist, BOM City


  • Ms Ada LEUNG

         Principal, Heep Yunn Primary School


  • Mr SO Yiu Wah

         Drug Education and Resources Centre, The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong


  • Mr WONG Chin Wah

        Former teacher in Wah Yan College, Chairman of Wah Yan Dramatic Society and Founder of Cantonese Opera in English


  • Ms Kathy WONG

         Executive Director of Playright