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BOM City offers more than 30 careers for children to explore. But how can they understand their own career orientation and at the same time develop 21st century competence through free-play? 



For Children

Free-play time-slot

BOM City provides a socio-dramatic play platform with different pavilions for children to explore in an interesting and authentic environment through role-play different careers.


Enrichment/Short-term courses

We provide courses with 4 – 8 sessions to let children of different strengths and abilities to systematically develop 21st century competence in a small group size.  We also have enrichment courses like leadership training and philosophy for the children.



For Parents AND Children  

BOM City understands the importance of parents’ role in nurturing their children.  Therefore, we provide different types of parent-child programs so as to enhance parent-child communication and parents can play and learn with their children.



Observation and Assessment

Practical courses

We offer parents practical courses and workshops to teach parents different observation and parenting skills.  All the courses are conducted by our educational psychologist and our professional team.


Assessment and supporting services

We provide a series of assessments and follow-up intervention to children with special educational needs.

Group Purchase and Party Booking

We welcome parents to group purchase any free-play time-slot and any courses. We also arrange birthday party for you according to your needs. Party can include guided tour to different pavilions. Please contact us for details.

Preparation for Free-play


Briefing session before free-play


We encourage families arrive at the site 15 minutes prior to the commencement of free-play time. Children can have enough time to go to washroom and our staff will have a briefing session 5 – 10 minutes before the free-play begins. Children may miss first round of working time for late arrival




We encourage children wear T-shirt and jeans so that they can change into the outfit of different professions more easily. If your child plans to be the police, please wear a pair of sports shoes so that they can do fitness training



Selection of professions 


We encourage parents allow kids to choose their own profession. However, if the child age 3 – 4, a few professions (e.g. English Chinese Opera, pharmacist, financial planner and car license test) might be quite difficult for them to master the concepts behind




Children can have 3 rounds of professions in each free-play time, and in each profession, the maximum capacity for children is 8. Therefore, there will be chances that some children may not be able to play some very popular professions. Parents can check with our staff that which free-play time slot will have fewer queues. Parents can also organize free-play tour (15 children) on weekdays so that they can pre-set to play some popular professions




Parents can take photos for their children in most pavilions except surgeons. For dentist, as the clinic is located inside the hospital, the photos taken may not be as clear as other pavilions. We also have our professional photographers at our site


Record card for children


Each child participating in our free-play will receive a record card. Upon finishing each profession, our coach will help each child reflect what they have learnt in the play and keep record on the card

Tips for Parents


Tips no.1 

Children can learn knowledge, skills and attitude related to different profession. Through collaborating with other children, they develop social skills also. If parents can encourage them to explore freely in BOM City, they can also learn practical skills like how to manage their time and money.


Tips no.2

We encourage parents learn how to observe children’s growth and development in different aspects. We offer practical courses teaching parents observation skills so that when children are playing in BOM City, parents can attend courses too.


Tips no.3

We offer assessment services so that you can understand the developmental needs of your children more thoroughly; we provide other courses to develop the 21st century competence that supplement with the school curriculum.

Suggested Flow


BOM City encourage parents learn how to observe their children’s growth and development. That is why we offer practical courses for parents to learn observational skills.


Also we offer other courses and assessment services so that parents can understand their children’s career orientation and their children can develop the 21st century competence.